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About us

We, DukWon Gloves CO., is a working gloves manufacturer and exporter in South Korea with a history of over 20 years.

We've been challenging for 20 years to produce 'Comfortable, Safety and Useful Gloves', and as a result now we are producing the most reasonable gloves with the best quality in the world.
We produce 1,000,000 pairs per a month, and export them arount world including Japan, Singapore, North/South America and Europe.
Now we aim to produce 'More comfortable, More safety and More useful gloves'.
DukWon Glove CO. will not stop developing and suggesting new innovative gloves for partners.

We give partners our words that DukWon Gloves CO. is always trying to become the most trusted parner as the world best working gloves manufacturer!
Assets USD 1,500,000 Area 4,300 ㎡
Employess 50 staff Monthly Output 1,000,000 pairs
Knitting Machine 100 unit Coating Machine 5 unit
Printing Machine 2 unit Packing Machine 1 unit


'TEGMEN' is a new brand of DukWon Glove CO. designed to show our technology and products more effectively, which have been trusted in Korea and overseas.

'TEGMEN' is a Latin word for armour and is a naming that compares to the high safety and reliability of DukWon Glove CO. The symbol logo is a combination of the initial 'T' and'M' in the form of a fist or shield to express strength and toughness.

With 'TEGMEN', DukWon Glove CO. will do best to become a glove manufacturer trusted in Korea and around the world with continuous technological development and trust in quality.


For Supplying the best gloves as well as creating the best value to partners $20,000,000 net sales
  • Increasing production and securing stock quantity
  • Diversification of gloves for use and users
  • Improving quality and competitiveness
  • Researching and developing new products
  • Acess to new markets and investment
  • Best quality, low cost export"
To Secure Stable Sales
  • · Improvement ECO-Friendly Coating 'DMF Free'
  • · Development Super Strong Cut Resistant Liner
  • · Development New Gloves Coating
  • · Access to New Markets