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Manufacturing Process

Reach to 1,800,000 Pairs/Per Month
Product Line
  • Knitting Machine
  • Coating Machine
  • Auto Packing Machine
  • Dot Printing Machine

Production Process

Good Quality Upheld by a Well Organized QC System!

+ Covering
The process of mixing and radiating yarns is tailored to the characteristics of each product.
We are reducing costs through internal special systems.
+ Knitting
The glove manufacturing process for knitting the inner yarn is performed as a special automatic glove knitting machine.
A production line with a total of 60 knitting machines guarantees up to 10,000 pairs of output efficiency per day.
+ Coating
Knitted gloves are placed in the shape of an artificial hand to move up, down, left, and right along an automatic coating line with various coatings to flexibly and actively meet the appropriate process for each specific coating material.
+ Overlocking
The final machining process consists of inserting a rubber band into the wrist portion of the glove to provide excellent wear and flexibility.
This process has been simplified to replace overlock by technology that improves productivity and prevents yarn from floating above the wrist.
+ Logo Print
After drying, the logo and other necessary symbols are automatically printed on the outside of the coated gloves with a screen printing machine.
+ Packing
The process of packaging the gloves produced in OPP (transparent vinyl) envelopes is carried out by an automatic packaging machine.
+ Release goods
After packaging, the product is ready for shipment. The products are transported to the harbor using container trucks and transported to the destination.

Production facility

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